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Sea Trout Night Collection

by Arundell Arms

Featuring the hotel favourite singles, the ubiquitous Alex Tube, a sunk lure and a surface lure, this collection is all but guaranteed to bring success for night sea trout fishers all over the UK.

This Sea Trout Night Collection includes:

  • WMD - size 4
  • Pilk's Bumble - size 4
  • Pilk's Bumble - size 6
  • Pilk's PR - size 8
  • GP Black & Silver - size 10
  • Alexandra Tube - 1 inch aluminium
  • WMD Stinger - size 4
  • WMD Gurgler - size 4

Our fly collections are tied by the world's highest quality, custom fly tying operation. The materials and hooks used are of premium quality, giving you a supremely effective and durable fly that you can rely on. 

A natural result of our 75 year history of teaching, tutoring and encouraging fly fishing in a countless number of our guests, our own brand of fly fishing tackle, accessories and clothing has been hand-picked as suitable and worthy to bear the prestigious Arundell Arms Logo, and seal of quality.

Made in the UK to the strict specifications of our own fly fishing instructors, these branded fly fishing tackle products, rods and fly fishing starter kits are the very same items used on all of our fishing trips. Our sea trout flies have been tied to our instructor’s designs, tried and tested, and have accounted for thousands of fish over the years.

Sea Trout Night Collection

Customer Reviews

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Sea Trout Night Collection 5 star5 star5 star5 star5 star 5 Flies that catch!
Product review by Andy Jackman on 22 Mar 2015

Bought them last year, because they catch! Bought them this year, because they catch! Will buy them next year, because they catch! Great selection, confidence inspiring!

Sea Trout Night Collection 5 star5 star5 star5 star5 star 5 Seatrout night collection
Product review by JG on 22 Mar 2015

Great service and great, well tied flies.